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AMON AMARTH War Materials MMA Gloves

AMON AMARTH War Materials MMA Gloves

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Our MMA hybrid sparring gloves come pre-curved with angled finger loops to reduce hand-fatigue. The lipless feature removes any chance of your partner or opponent gripping under the padding which commonly damages the glove and also affects your grappling. Inverted hook-and-loop locks the wrist in place for a safe striking experience.

Material: Cowhide leather throughout including finger loops and palm architecture

Padding: 3 layers of pre-curved compressed polyethylene injection mould

Angled finger loops: made using cowhide leather and stitched at an angle for better grip

A thin layer of soft foam between the wrist and knuckle area protects the hands from stray kicks and punches

Palm: Open-palm design compliments the pre-curved padding to allow making a fist with ease while reducing hand-fatigue

Inner: Micro twill lining wicks sweat away from the skin

Inverted hook-and-loop: easy to strap with adjustment options

Comes in a variety of sizes (small, medium, large, extra large)

SMALL 7.5" - 8"
MEDIUM 8" - 8.75"
LARGE 8.75" - 9.5"
X-LARGE 9.75" & Up

*Measurement is in inches. Measure circumference around knuckles/hand.


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